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What to Know About Decorative Paint Finishes

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One of the major ways used to decorate paint finishes is through the marbling effect. The marbling effect is usually a faux finish that is applied together with oil-based paint and glaze. Creation of an illusion marble stone, that is the marbling effect is a method that has been used over a long period. The main thing that drives the marbling effect is cost and practicality. If people were to actually use the real marble it could be really expensive for them in terms of acquiring and transporting the marble stones. It is usually a difficult task to transport marble stone from area to another, and they are also heavy.

It is recommendable for someone to use the marbling effect instead of using the marble themselves because of how heavy they are and the increased costs they come with. Often, architects, and builders will opt to substitute the real marble stone with a marbling effect when load-bearing walls and beams are needed. A number of colors are formed when crystallization occurs which happens when heat and pressure are exerted on a limestone resulting to the formation of marble stone. The vein-like structure in a marble stone is created by minerals and impurities that run through a molten rock and therefore bring the beauty of marble stone.

A marble stone, therefore, has a cloud-like and translucent appearances that is able to play a number of tricks with light. During the past centuries the marbling effect has been in use and so is it being used presently. Knowing how to create a faux finish is usually a skill that demands any person to be determined and patient when learning how to create a marbling effect. You should consider the nature of the area where you want to apply the marble effect. The marbling effect appears better when used in places where a natural stone could be placed, for example, a pillar or a fireplace. You may further watch about painting services, go to

The marbling effect can also be used on the 3d wall panels of a home setting that has a big space. It is advisable that you make sure that the surface where you will apply the marbling effect is dry and smooth to enable you to mimic the surface of natural polished stone. It is preferable that you use a white coat as your base coat and be patient enough to give it time to dry.

In order for you to create a marble effect you need a white spirit, a mutton cloth, scumble glaze, artists oil colors such as white, black or grey and a softening brush. Your home will look more attractive and beautiful when using a decorative paint finish.